Veterinary Medical Imaging

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LOOMIS, CA 95650


Regional Services


VMI provides comprehensive veterinary imaging support to Northern California, the greater Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley regions and the Bay Area.  Hospitals outside of our area can also utilize our group for radiograph consultation through our teleradiology platforms (see Teleradiology page).  


Radiograph Consultation: 

VMI provides digital teleradiology services but only through our web based platforms (no emailed images or mail in service).


Ultrasound Services:

Each of our radiologists is equipped with mobile ultrasound equipment and we routinely visit hospitals in the greater Sacramento region (approximately 50 mile radius around Sacramento).  If we are unable to accommodate a case when requested, we are also at referral hospitals in the area during every weekday, so there is always an option to get a scan performed.  The following referral hospitals will accommodate outpatient ultrasounds:

  • VCA Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic (916-652-5816)
  • VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center (916-362-3111)
  • Vista Veterinary Specialists   (916-231-0696)
  • Pet Emergency Center/ Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital (916-783-4655)
  • Marqueen Pet Emergency and Specialty (916-757-6600) 

Call these hospitals directly to schedule ultrasound exams.  Fees vary, so contact the hospital if an accurate estimate is needed by your client.  Note: we do not provide teleradiology ultrasound consultation.


CT Services: 

Outpatient CT exams can be scheduled at Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic or VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center.  These exams will be scheduled while a radiologist is on duty so we can supervise image acquisition and provide rapid interpretation of the studies.


MRI Services: 

VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center is our only affiliate that offers MRI imaging.  These exams can be arranged by calling SVRC directly.  Neurological cases will need to have a consultation with the staff neurologist before MRI imaging is performed.


Case Referral Information:

Our Case Referral Form (located on the Case Referral Forms page) can be utilized when sending cases for outpatient imaging, but be sure to fax the form to the appropriate hospital rather than to our headquarters.