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Teleradiology - About This Service:


Note:  we are not currently adding new clients to our teleradiology services.  We provide teleradiology consultation for radiographs but not ultrasound images.  Our teleradiology service is structured to augment the two main advantages of teleradiology: 1) rapid consultation and report turnaround, and 2) safe, reliable image submission and report transmission.  To accomplish this we currently utilize 2 software services:

1) RemedyView ( / 800-757-0266) - Is a web-based report generating and transporting software module that can be utilized by any hospital with digital radiology.  It integrates with eFilm PACS software to provide seamless consult submission and report viewing and is a preferred modality for clients who use eFilm, but will also function with any other digital radiology and PACS systems.  Setup is FREE and easy.  RemedyView will provide IT support for the setup.  Please contact Veterinary Medical Imaging (916-554-0599) to establish an account and initiate the set-up.

2) Antech Imaging Services (AIS)- this is a standalone software program that can run from any PC computer regardless of the PACS software that is utilized.  The images and reports on this service are web based and can be seen from any internet ready computer.  This teleradiology platform is a good option for hospitals that utilize Antech for other lab services or for image archival.  Images can be submitted directly to the website but you will first need to contact AIS to establish an account and download the software module.  AIS provides the technical support for this service and can be reached at 877-727-6800.  When establishing an account be sure to specify VMI as your service provider, as there are many radiology groups who utilize AIS as their teleradiology platform.


Who Consults on the Cases?

Our teleradiology group utilizes only radiologists certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR).  We have all received 4 years of specialty training in image interpretation and have passed certification testing.  Our radiologists are dedicated to rapid turnaround on teleradiology cases, but that is not all we do.  We all engage in a robust imaging specialty practice where we interface daily with other veterinarians and specialists.  We know the practical considerations about patient care and client communications and strive to incorporate our experience and cutting edge medicine and surgery into our image consultations and recommendations.


What is the Report Turnaround Time?

Currently, we offer teleradiology support 7 days a week, year around.  Reports can be expected within 8 hours of submittal but will often be returned sooner, depending on the time of day they are submitted.  During the day, STAT services may be available. Overnight STAT services are not offered.